Wellness Program

Director’s Statement

Wellness Coaching is a vehicle for helping people to achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in work and life, particularly when change is hard. Coaching is a growth promoting relationship that elicits autonomous motivation, increases the capacity to change, and facilitates a change process through visioning, goal setting, and accountability, which at it’s best leads to sustainable change for the good.

The health and wellness coaching research literature while at an early stage, with studies and latest developments in coaching education and skills training, is beginning to show that coaching interventions, multiple in-person or telephone coaching sessions for 3 months or longer, are improving health outcomes for several chronic diseases.

As a Health & Wellness Coach, I work with individuals ranging from 30 years to 50 years. The main areas of concern are stress, anxiety, depression, burn out, lack of engagement in life, having their work lives permeate their personal lives. I offer a leading edge structure to overcome low functioning well-being, taking individuals from overwhelm to a calmer state, working with them through individual coaching sessions or offering wellness workshops in a group setting.

Director & Owner



This series of 4 workshops will take my participants on a journey from the time when they experience a sense of mild discontent with low energy and a feeling of not being on their game, to a place where they feel prepared, clear and confident about what needs to happen to make desired health and wellness become a reality.

Each session builds on the last and provides a structure to create a plan that is uniquely their own, to identify obstacles that have been tripping them up and to understand the building blocks that are needed for successful behaviour changes that last.  Therefore really delving deep into core values, offering light bulb moments to spark the force of motivation.

Because change isn’t just a matter of doing something in a different way.  It’s a matter of learning to think differently about what we want, why we want it and what’s been stopping us.

Director & Owner