Narelle King

Therapist Assistant and Yin & Nidra Instructor

Hi, I’m Narelle

I’m a busy mum, with two primary school-aged children. My son was diagnosed with Autism three years ago so I understand the stress of carrying the extra load associated with caring for children with additional needs. I’ve also come to realise the importance of rest and making sure my cup is full to be able to continue to hold space for my son and the rest of my family.

I was caught up in the juggle of family commitments and my work as a Physical Education teacher. The ‘old me’ was feeling exhausted at the end of each day, without enough energy and patience for my own children, let alone for myself. I completed the Wellness Coaching Australia qualification and I realised that the way I was living was running myself into the ground. What I learned about my own life inspired me to start my business Simply Happy and empower other women to implement routines to save them time so they can start to use tools like Yin & Nidra Yoga to help them rest and heal from constantly living in stress mode.

Think of your body as like a bank account. Stress is like withdrawals from your account. Eventually, your body gets to the point of being overdrawn, which affects your health and happiness. Creating routines and structure around eating well, movement, sleeping, mindfulness and gratitude helps you to make deposits into your account.

I’ve practised yoga for over 20 years but it was over the last three years that I realised I needed to incorporate more restorative activities to help reduce my overthinking and heal my mind and body after living in constant stress mode. Instead of the flow styles of yoga that I’d been practising, I started to try more restorative styles like Yin & Nidra Yoga.

The benefits I’ve experienced from Yin & Nidra Yoga are improved sleep, feeling calmer and more present. I completed my teacher training in Yin & Nidra yoga and now share my knowledge and passion for rest in regular classes in Geelong and online in a Mind & Body Studio.

Through supporting ASD families and children with organisational challenges as a therapist assistant, I saw a need for respite for women. A chance to remove themselves from the daily grind and refill their cup. An opportunity to drop the mental load and focus on what’s important. Over the past three years, I’ve run Mums’ Revive Retreats. I’ve really enjoyed being able to collaborate with other local businesses while providing and a weekend away for mums to relax, reconnect and learn without planning a thing.

When I’m not helping others feel more organised I love reading, listening to podcasts and cooking. I’ve hiked in places in Morocco, Nepal, Boneo and Europe but these days it’s more like a local bushwalk as my kids aren’t so keen on carrying packs. As a family, we love to go bike riding, camping and on bush walks, along the beautiful Surfcoast.

If you’d like to start to prioritise rest visit or join the conversation on Facebook or Instagram @simplyhappywellnesscoaching.