Kerry Willian

Childosophy Children's Wellbeing Practitioner

Hello, my name is Kerry Willian

I’m a Certified Childosophy Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner.

The journey of Childosophy began for me when I decided to heal myself and turn within. With having such success in my own life, using this philosophy, I decided to follow my souls urge and explore and learn Childosophy, as it resonated with me so much. I knew this approach would not only aid me in my life, but also my friends and my children to come.

In 2017 I had a spiritual and energetic connection when I trained with Dr Maxine Thérèse in Myocum, near Byron Bay. As a certified Childosophy Children’s Wellbeing Practitioner, I now have the pleasure of helping others on their journey.

This wonderful modality supports and heals the needs of children, their families and our own inner child.

Childosophy, founded by Dr Maxine Therese in 2006, is a healing system and a complete philosophy of childhood wellbeing, specifically designed to support children to live in balance and to feel whole.

All children are naturally integrated in body, mind and spirit, and they are always connected to the vital source of wellbeing. But as they grow many of their experiences take them away from this inner source, which temporarily inhibits their full flourishing.

When children feel they have to hide or deny aspects of themselves it causes imbalances in their body and energy system, resulting in the health problems and behavioural issues that are most common in childhood today. If we can assist children to understand and value their feelings, unique sensitivities and foundational needs, however, we can offer them a way to stay connected to their inner knowing as well as their inner source of wellbeing.

The needs model of Childosophy places a strong emphasis on children’s emotions as the denial and repression of emotions have been found to be the cause of many childhood issues. Using the Chakra model, Childosophy offers a simple approach to identifying the unmet needs that lay beneath the surface of children’s symptoms and concerns.

I am so proud to share this message to the world and put my training into practice. Let’s love, listen, support, and wonder.

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