Gluten Free Flour Business

Gluten Free Flour Business

My Mum Claudia, past away in September 2016 after a short battle with Pancreatic Cancer.  Mum left behind an amazing Gluten Free Flour business GWYFIE – Gluten, Wheat, Yeast (&dairy/egg) Free. I have taken this on in legacy to her. Mum started this business in 1999 when ‘Gluten Free’ was barely even heard of!  She was the first on the Bellarine Peninsula to bring ‘Gluten Free’ to Pizza Shops because at that time, my parents owned the Wood Oven Pizza Shop in Ocean Grove, currently trading as Woodpeckers – the name my parents created. Mum always the sales lady, thought outside of the box and with her flour, created it one night, working until the early hours, determined to create something for those with gluten intolerance. I am currently revamping this business, giving it the life it deserves. Completely Vegan friendly, I am designing a product that will knock your socks off!

And you deserve this product also!

I currently sell 12.5kg wholesale bags of Self-raising flour to the public and restaurants. This is expanding as we speak! I have sourced a local Geelong production company where I can focus on bringing a new life to my Mum’s #1 product which will take a little bit of time to evolve.  The production company is new and currently under build so I’m waiting patiently until they are ready to open their factory doors to be able to get into the Test Kitchen with Geelong’s renown Chef, Darius Sarkis.  Darius and I will bring to life Mum’s #1 product and then we’ll manufacture it, selling it locally first, within the Geelong region.  So STAY TUNED!

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