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Chef Darius Sarkis

My interest in food flavours and technique began at a young age, with my first years of training taking place at the famed Mietta’s in Queenscliff, Victoria. I’m now a well-known local chef within the Geelong Region of Victoria, who’s been cooking for 22 years.

Originally trained in French cuisine, I enjoy the lighter side of Asian cuisine and I try to combine a blend of both in my cooking.

After training at Mietta’s in Queenscliff, I also worked at Harry’s in Queenscliff, Finnigans Place in Geelong, Riviera on Yarra in Geelong and Lotus Living in Geelong, Baveras Brasserie on Cunningham Pier Geelong before starting at and leading the team in the kitchen at Wah Wah Gee on Cunningham Pier, Geelong. Wah Wah Gee was my concept and creation, it was my baby, therefore bringing to life a dream I always had.

I enjoy cooking and always try to learn new techniques and new trends to constantly improve my dishes. Passion drives me to continually evolve in the craft of cooking, and inspire my team and customers.

I have been connected with Colleen from 4 Elements Health Services to Chef on her up and coming Retreats in Tahiti and Byron Bay!

Colleen and Darius will also be stepping into the kitchen together to co-create Colleen’s Mum’s #1 product with her Gluten Free Flour, which will be available in 2019.  So watch this space!


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