Chef Cynthia Louise

I’m Chef Cynthia Louise

I’m a published co-author of 3 international bestselling cookbooks, with DR Libby Weaver; REAL FOOD CHEF, SWEET TOOTH STORY & REAL FOOD KITCHEN… I’m super proud to work alongside this incredible human who has taught me so much when it comes to how we absorb food.

For years I have worked in exclusive Health Retreats where I was limited to the number of people I could support. And now I can through my online cooking classes.

I’m also the creative food director of the global brand GENIUS CAFE, building 50 cafes worldwide. It’s a joy to train the next generation of chefs on how to look after themselves and their customer’s ultimate health with what they are serving on the menu.

I am an international speaker and presenter on wholefood cooking and eating the way nature intended us to be when it comes to living a thriving energetic life.

What makes me crazy is all the confusion out there about what to eat! I want to bring some clarity and realness to your table. I’m a working mum, wife to Scott and a businesswoman. I know how hard it is to find the time to nourish ourselves and our families.

I am here to give you everything you need to make your own extraordinary everyday food, from scratch, using real ingredients.

I share this knowledge with humans all around the world. Real people. Real ingredients. Food as nature intended. Food is such a special gift, and I love its ability to bring people together and to nourish us on all levels – I love it!

I am a big supporter of women’s health and wellbeing through the way I teach about how I like to cook and eat (taking the confusion out of eating really)

I work alongside Tyler Tolman in his health programs and retreats educating people on making epic dishes from plants that support their ultimate health and taste amazing.

Please feel free to click the pictures below to take you into a world of how you can cook with me and cook recipes by me.  I promise you won’t be disappointed!

Well, that’s me.  I can’t wait to meet you.

Chef Cynthia xx

lets eat light and easy