Book – Workshop & Program

A Lifestyle Rejuvenation Workshop

1 hours & 30 minutes


A Monthly Workshop – Adapting to our current times, it is now an ONLINE Webinar.

This live event will inspire you to make immediate changes!
• Learn rejuvenation exercises and secrets
• Learn ways to improve your health on any diet
• By embracing what Colleen will teach you, biologically and physiologically you’ll help your body to become more youthful, more radiant, glowing and full of life.
• Learn the simple daily activities that will extend your life
• Be inspired to be the best, vibrant healthy version of you
• New ideas and new perspectives
• Discover just how super easy + super simple health can be
• Facial gliffics. Learn how everything is connected when you have a simple line, wrinkle, pimple, rash or mole on your face that is directly related to an organ or system in your body.


Multiple Workshops – Every 2nd Tuesday Evening

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Journey to Change Program

8 hours

$399 per person
A 4 session workshop program designed to empower and guide you to make those health & wellness changes that you desire within your life.
You are given a leading edge structure to help implement changes on a weekly basis. This allows you to set doable goals, customised for you, allowing you to reach their 3 month goals and vision. Resetting habits and creating successful sustainable change.
These workshops offer workbooks and resources to help facilitate change.