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Colleen Costello – Director

Hi! My name is Colleen Costello. I’m a mum of 2 active boys, a successful Entrepreneur with a background as a qualified Adult Trainer, Early Childhood Educator and Health & Wellness Coach with a passion for helping others.

I started my health journey when I suffered from Shingles for 2 years, healing myself naturally, and my Mum died of Pancreatic Cancer in 2016 which stepped up my drive and passion to become who I am today.

I created my business, 4 Elements Health Services to show people, that when you can balance all 4 elements of health – mental, emotional, spiritual and physical – you can live with your desired level of health and well-being.  If I can do it, you can do it too!

Balancing these 4 elements is always, an ongoing process.  It’s not a destination, it’s an ongoing process.  I truly believe that by using the tools I use on a daily basis which consistently help to balance all 4 elements, will bring about a pain free, medication free, movement free, happy, energized, focused and motivated lifestyle.

What you think (mental), births your feelings (emotions). What you think and feel, propels your values and connection with yourself (spirituality).  These 3 elements then determine what your physical aspect of self is like – do you suffer from dis-ease of the body i.e. fibromyalgia, hashimoto’s, cancer, have aches and pains, struggle with weight issues and so forth.  If all 4 elements are in alignment with a high vibration (positive mental thoughts and feelings contributing to a centered and grounded set of values and connection with self), you can truly attain the life you are desiring.  No question!

My own personal daily health and well-being practices compromise of intermittent fasting, physical movement, meditation and the 7 Principles of Health.  I often juice and water fast supported by colon cleansing.  My diet is plant-based wholefoods hence the connection with Chef Cynthia Louise (read all about her in the PRACTITIONERS tab).  I’m a big believer that our bodies have an innate intelligence and through this intelligence, we can ultimately heal ourselves when we give our bodies the right environment.

To help women to attain the health and lifestyle they truly desire, I have created the following services:

I offer and conduct 1:1 Coaching sessions with clients, being a vehicle to help them to achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in work & lifestyle, particularly when change is hard. These sessions are in person or via zoom video link.  I  incorporate Iridology & Sclerology to my coaching sessions as I find this non invasive technique so incredibly helpful to assist my clients with their health concerns.  They say the ‘Eyes never lie and are windows to your soul’.  Therefore believing through the study of the eyes, I can help my clients to heal themselves, taking back control of their own health and lives.  Iridology & Sclerology allows me to see where congestion, stress and toxicity lies within the body which helps to heal and deal with the body’s symptoms, ailments and di-eases. This service can be a stand alone, once off consultation or it can be a 3 month coaching relationship.  I offer a FREE phone consult to determine what it is you actually need!

When it comes to my clients, I’ll consider what they eat and how they move, however I’ll also take a look at a wide variety of other processes including the 4 elements of health – emotional, mental and spiritual environments.

Once these have been assessed and how they may relate to the health challenges you are experiencing, I will also explore any other area of your life around your health concerns if you believe this may be of benefit to you.  I will then design a 90 day protocol that is doable for you, making small doable changes in your daily routine, diet and lifestyle which will then give you long term sustainable change and an improved level of health.

My approach is all about going back to basics and using nutrition as a medicinal and preventative measure, also incorporating daily practices to assist your routine.  As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food”.

My coaching practice takes a holistic approach, using a mixture of science based research and ancient wisdom to address your well-being concerns mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Hence the 4 elements.

BUT! If you want to step it up a notch and really get some powerful results within your health and well-being because you are finally ready to do something BIG, then my Fasting program is for you!

I offer a 4 series workshop presentation called Journey to Change which is designed to: facilitate change, empower, foster self efficacy and motivation to start living the life you desire. We delve deep into your core values which assists you to see what you haven’t seen before within your behaviours and actions.  When this light bulb moment hits, BAM! the motivation is unstoppable!  The 4 series workshop is designed for work spaces and retreats.

I run a Monthly Wellness Workshop called The Lifestyle Rejuvenation Workshop where I provide a safe space for discussion, inspiration & motivation, taking my participants from feeling and being stressed, over-whelmed, anxious and disconnected to feeling energized, happy, motivated, focused and engaged. My participants walk away with:

• Rejuvenation exercises and secrets
• Learn ways to improve their health on any diet
• By embracing what I will teach them, biologically and physiologically they’ll help their body to become more youthful, more radiant, glowing and full of life.
• Learn the simple daily activities that will extend their lives
• Be inspired to be the best, vibrant healthy version of themselves
• Gain new ideas and new perspectives
• Discover just how super easy + super simple health can be
Includes: Iridology & Sclerology eye photo’s and report &
A Rejuvenation Pack to take home to help you get started on change! 

This workshop is offered at The IN8 LIFE, Hope Street, Geelong West and also via an online Webinar.

I’ve created this forum to help everyone on their well-being journey.  I believe that more than one modality is necessary in the journey of wellness.  Therefore you will find under the PRACTITIONERS tab, other services that may be of interest to you.

Love & Light,



Coaching is a vehicle for helping people to achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in life and work, particularly when change is hard.

It’s proven that coaching interventions 3 months or longer are improving health outcomes for several chronic dis-eases including diabetes, heart dis-ease, obesity & cancer.


Iridology is the science and practice that reveals inflammation, where it’s located and in what stage it is manifesting.

The iris reveals body constitution, inherent weakness & levels of health that take place in a person’s body according to the way they live.

The eyes don’t lie!


Colleen runs fortnightly workshops in the Geelong region and is available to present in work spaces and retreats.

Colleen focuses on ways to detox, 7 Principles of Health, the hidden nasties in our foods and how to avoid them, the BIG 3 killers & Iridology & Scleorlogy, leaving with your very own health report.


Fasting has existed since the beginning of life on earth. An ill or injured animal’s first, natural instinct is to abstain from solid food until it is healthy again. Humans on the other hand, in today’s medically indoctrinated world, have a tough time believing that eating less will actually allow their bodies to speed up the detoxification and healing process. Colleen offers a fasting program at the change of every season.