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4 Elements Health Services

Colleen Costello – Director

Hi! My name is Colleen Costello. I’m a mum of 2 active boys, a successful Entrepreneur with a background as a qualified Adult Trainer, Early Childhood Educator and Health & Wellness Coach with a passion for helping others.

I started my health journey when I wanted to lose those pesky pregnancy kilos after my second born, 9 years ago. I suffered from Shingles for 2 years and my Mum died of Pancreatic Cancer in 2016 which stepped up my drive and passion to become who I am today.

With this personal health & wellness background, as an Adult Trainer teaching the Diploma of Early Childhood, being active within the Early Childhood Industry for 8 years and witnessing the pains and stresses of the industry, plus caring for my Mum which stepped up my research into cancer and related holistic practices, it brought me to Health & Wellness Coaching. Teaching adults and educating children, I believe my scope of ability in coaching to be broad and effective.

My mentor is Tyler Tolman along with his Father Don Tolman.  They are current day gurus concerning health and wellness.  They’re holistic practices encompass fasting – water, juice and intermittent, colon cleansing and supporting the 7 systems of the human body, plant-based wholefood diet, the 7 Princicples of Health, Iridology and Sclerology & protocols on how to heal your body from dis-ease, creating a world-wide movement and Heal Thy Self community, which I am a part of.

My own personal daily health and well-being practices comprise of intermittent fasting, physical movement, meditation and the 7 Principles of Health.  I often juice and water fast supported by colon cleansing.  My diet is plant-based wholefoods hence the connection with Chef Cynthia Louise (read all about her in the ABOUT tab).  I’m a big believer that our bodies have an innate intelligence and through this intelligence, we can ultimately heal ourselves.

I offer and conduct one on one Coaching sessions with clients, being a vehicle to help them to achieve a higher level of well-being and performance in work & lifestyle, particularly when change is hard. These sessions can be done via skype or by phone call.  This offers convenience to my clients plus being able to be comfortable in their own environment.  I will soon be incorporating Iridology & Sclerology to my coaching sessions as I find this non invasive technique so incredibly helpful to assist my clients with their health concerns.  They say the ‘Eyes never lie and are windows to your soul’.  Therefore believing through the study of the eyes, I can help my clients to heal themselves, taking back control of their own health and lives.  I will be studying under Tyler Tolman at his Academy in Bali.  I will be able to hold one on one in person consultations.  This will be as of September 2019!

When it comes to my clients, I’ll consider what you eat and you how you move, however I’ll also take a look at a wide variety of other processes including your emotional, mental and spiritual environments.

Once these have been assessed and how they may relate to the health challenges you are experiencing, I will also explore any other area of your life around your health concerns if you believe this may be of benefit to you.

My approach is all about going back to basics and using nutrition as a medicinal and preventative measure, also incorporating daily practices to assist your routine.  As Hippocrates said “Let food be thy medicine and medicine by thy food”.

My coaching practice takes a holistic approach, using a mixture of science based research and ancient wisdom to address your well-being concerns mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically. Hence the 4 elements.

I offer a 4 series workshop presentation called Journey to Change which is designed to: facilitate change, empower, foster self efficacy and motivation to start living the life you desire. We delve deep into your core values which assists you to see what you haven’t seen before within your behaviours and actions.  When this light bulb moment hits, BAM! the motivation is unstoppable!  The 4 series presentation is run over an 8 week period.

I run quarterly Wellness Workshops for Women where I provide a safe space for discussion, inspiration & motivation, taking women from feeling and being stressed, over-whelmed, anxious and disconnected to feeling energized, happy, motivated, focused and engaged. My participants walk away with a 3 month structure on how to implement changes, changes that THEY want to make, therefore it’s tailor-made to suit them.  This creates accountability and a doable solution to create change.  Everyone deserves to live their best life!

These workshops are offered within the Geelong Region.

I offer a Wellness Program for the corporate arena of Early Childhood. This industry is incredibly pressurized. The inherent pressures of work plus the fast pace and demands of life outside of work are making our educators feel overwhelmed, time poor, under staffed, exhausted, overloaded with paperwork requirements – and they often feel unsupported. My Wellness Program inspires, empowers and guides healthy living in their personal lives, as well as creating a desirable work environment with high functioning Educators full of drive, enthusiasm, happiness and focus.

My beautiful Mum left behind an amazing Gluten Free Flour business GWYFIE – Gluten, Wheat, Yeast (&dairy/egg) Free. I have taken this on in legacy to her. Mum started this business in 1999 on the Bellarine Peninsula of Victoria, when ‘Gluten Free’ was barely even heard of! I am currently revamping this business, giving it the life it deserves.  We currently sell 12.5kg wholesale bags of Self-raising flour to the public and Pizza Restaurants. This is expanding as we speak! Completely Vegan friendly, I will be stepping into the kitchen with my Chef, Darius Sarkis (read all about him under the ABOUT tab) to create a product out of the flour.  There is nothing like it in the current market today so I can personally guarantee that the product will knock your socks off!  It will be released this year, 2019.  SO STAY TUNED!!!

I’m a big believer that there is power in relationships which creates dynamic and amazing energy to help propel Health & Wellness.  My aim with this forum is to provide to YOU, at a click, the availability of modalities to help promote your Health & Wellness.  Therefore I’m creating industry relationships to be able to give you a choice on how YOU would like to move forward with your well-being journey.  Please peruse the ABOUT Tab at the top of this website which will display to you different modalities that you can engage in to assist your journey.

Therefore, with a wholistic interest in health and well-being, health & wellness coaching, workshops, industry affiliations & GWYFIE – Gluten Free Products, I have created this business so I can reach out and help others. So thank you for joining me.

Love & Light,