Colon Cleansing & Juice Fasting

Colon Cleansing & Juice Fasting

Ok!  Here it is!

The BEST and most AHHMAZIIINNNGGG way to cleanse yourself internally, is to do a 4 day Colon Cleanse followed by a Juice Fast.  Why in this order? and Why do a Colon Cleanse and not just a Juice Fast?  Well, simply, if you want the best results for your health, then you need to do both and in that order.  So get ready to hear some talk about poo!!!

The Colon Cleanse I use is a concentrated cleanse.  There are gentle ways of cleansing your colon and not so gentle ways but this is a concentrated way of doing it, offering the BEST results.  You can go to the local health food shop and get a synthetic cleanse off the shelve which allows you to not move from the house, let alone the bathroom or you can do it the natural way, like I did.

The mix I use is from Tyler Tolman called the…. 4 Day Colon Cleanse (see my instagram post on this).  It consists of Organic Chia Seeds, Organic Buckwheat, Organic Psyllium, Bentonite Clay and Salt.  This combination acts like a scrubbing brush and the bentonite clay draws out toxins (hence you don’t use a synthetic colon cleanse because even though you’re cleaning out what’s stuck in there, you’re getting your body to absorb the chemicals from the cleanse plus it doesn’t clean the walls of your intestine or colon like this combination does).

I took this combination 5 times a day mixed with my own cold pressed fresh apple juice (see my instagram posts on this).  During this time, I did 2 enemas at home (you can go get a colonic done which is quite effective also) which helped move through the compacted poo and plaque build up from the walls of my intestine and colon.  It is unfathomable as to how much poo we store in our intestine and colon! Seriously!  To think that our intestine is as long as a tennis court but only one cell thick, it’s no wonder that poo can get stuck in there for years and years!  This can create digestive issues, symptoms like tiredness, bloating, gas and so forth.

After 4 days of this cleanse, I headed into my 7 day Juice Fast.  Usually I stick to just 3 liters of CABALA juice a day but I mixed it up a little this time.  For the first 6 days I had 2.5 liters of CABALA juice and 500ml of Celery, Cucumber & Parsley Juice mixed with Coconut Water (this aided my digestive system as this combination is MAGIC for anyone with digestive issues and that’s me!  I have been suffering a little with intermittent constipation, bloating and gas – yep, being honest right here!  That’s because my diet had slipped and I wasn’t eating for my health, I was over indulging on processed foods and alcohol on occasion.  Proof right there my system is over laboured with that stuff!).  The last day I had 1 liter of Orange Juice, 1.5 liters of Carrot, Apples & Ginger Juice and 500ml of the Celery, Cucumber & Parsley Juice.

During the 7 days of Juice Fasting, I had a natural bowel movement!  I had not eaten for days, I had completed the 4 day colon cleanse, did 2 enemas thinking I have moved ALOT of poo already but I woke up one morning and I had to go!  And it was old poo, that had been stuck for a VERY long time.  It was then my 6th day on my Juice Fast and I thought to do one last enema.  Well!  That saw massive bowel movements too!  I couldn’t believe it!  Afterward, I felt as light as a feather and so good!

Now, I know I know, talking about poo is disgusting.  And yes, it is disgusting, not ladylike, confronting and personal.  Many hate talking about this but in actual fact, we’re doing ourselves such a HUGE injustice by NOT talking about it.  We need TO talk about it.  We need to clean our insides and as the Tolman’s say.. “we need to clean house”!

Our Digestive System is one of the most important systems within our body and if it’s not supported optimally, we can run into all sorts of problems.  The Digestive System is made up of the Digestive Tract and other organs that aid digestion.  The tract is a series of HOLLOW organs joined in a long, twisting tube from the mouth to the anus consisting of: mouth, esophagus, stomach, small intestine, large intestine, rectum and anus.  Because these are HOLLOW organs, they need cleaning!  We clean our teeth with toothpaste and a tooth brush and some use mouthwash. Why?  Because if we don’t plaque gets stuck on our teeth and, decay will set in blah blah blah, everything the good dentist told you right?!  Why doesn’t the rest of our HOLLOW organs get cleaned?  And why don’t we know about this?!

Well, you know about this NOW!  So doing the 4 Day Colon Cleanse is IMPERATIVE to ‘cleaning house’ these hollow organs.

Now, Juice Fasting on the other hand, has been around since the beginning of life on earth.  There are 3 ways to fast and that is – Intermittent fasting which is a FAST way to heal, Juice Fasting which is a FASTER way to heal or Water Fasting which is the FASTEST way to heal.  But to stick to my topic because I can go off on tangents here!, Juice Fasting improves the body’s capacity and ability to better absorb the food you’ve eaten.  It purifies the body of pollutants, improving bodily health & function. It gives your Digestive System a rest and allows stored toxins, waste products, body acids, excess proteins and fat deposits to be cleared.  During a fast metabolic processes will take place.  The body will start releasing low-grade energy as stored fat, hence weight loss will be evident.  Our blood will always keep it’s level of protein consistent, so it will break down inferior tissues of diseased, damaged, aged or dead cells, abnormal growth tissues, tumours and anything else that needs to be gone.

Therefore Juice Fasting has a purpose!  It’s not a hippy thing to do, nor is it the latest craze as it’s been around for centuries, nor is it starving your body of ‘important nutrients’ and nor is it overloading your body with ‘sugar’.  It is a process that offers incredible health benefits.

I entered my Cleanse & Fast with severe tiredness, Shingles rash around my eyes and on the back of my neck, puffy face, consistent runny nose, intermittent constipation, bloating and gas.  After my fast I can proudly say that my rash has cleared completely (see my instagram post), my face isn’t puffy, NO runny nose, NO constipation, bloating or gas.  I’ve noticed that my absorption of water that I drink is 100 times better.  I’m drinking at least 3 – 4 liters before lunch time (therefore I can physically stomach more water) which is helping to clean out toxins in my wee and the absorption of food I’ve noticed is optimal as I’m not eating as much but feeling fuller than usual.

This is why I am a passionate advocate of Colon Cleansing & Juicing Fasting.  The health benefits are life changing.  Because my internal organs are functioning more optimally now after the cleanse and fast, my moods have elevated becoming happier and more carefree.  Stress levels are more manageable because my mood is better.  My state of mind is ALOT more positive hence the self talk has improved even moreso.  In turn, I’m functioning more desirably balancing all 4 elements of mental, emotional, spiritual and physical.

If you are wanting more information or have any questions, drop me an email or leave a comment!


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