4 Elements



Mental well-being is attributed to your thoughts.  Thoughts are the first manifestation to perception and judgement.  Depending on how you perceive and judge will determine the vibration of your thoughts – are they positive or negative? Are you perceptions and judgement determined on a glass half full attitude or the opposite?  Mental well-being is also connected to how you perceive and feel about yourself and in what regard you hold yourself in.



Emotional well-being is connected to your Mental well-being.  If your perception and judgement of situations, people and things are positive, then your emotions will flow on with that same vibration.  You will be able to cope with stresses easier; see the brighter side of things, laugh more, judge less.  You will see less symptoms of anxiety, depression and anger.  It’s valuing your emotions and using them to move forward with your life, focusing on strengths opposed to weaknesses.



Spiritual well-being is being able to integrate meaning and purpose in your life through connection with yourself, with others, your environment, your community and/or with a power greater than yourself.  I believe our spiritual development has lagged far behind our scientific discoveries of the physical forces of nature.  Our ancestors practiced spirituality through prayer and fasting acquiring infinite connection within themselves and those around them.  Spiritual well-being is an evolving faculty within your life which improves over time. 



Physical well-being is feeling well, physically.  This does not mean having an absence of dis-ease or illness as it is possible to still function with dis-ease or illness.  It’s about living in a state of balance in mind, body and spirit.  Physical well-being is about making healthy lifestyle choices, food choices, movement choice i.e. incorporating exercise into your life on a regular basis.  This element will be determined also on your mental, emotional and spiritual well-being because if those 3 elements are not balanced and optimal, those unbalances will present itself into the physical and stress is a great example!